How To Submit

psa grading

When submitting to us for PSA Grading you will go to our PSA Grading page and find out which service level you would like to use. You will then click on that service level and enter the amount of cards your sending for that level and then add them to the cart. If you are submitting multiple service levels for a single order you will repeat this process. Once you are done adding the service levels to the card you will then need to separate the cards by service level, and label them. Use a loose rubber band to keep them together.

We provide FREE Cardsavers, so you can ship in Toploaders or Mags. 

What NOT to do

Use Team Bags for every card
Send Cards in only Penny Sleeves
Send in card in cases with no Penny Sleeves
Tape the top the the toploaders with Painters Tape or any other tape

PSa autograph authentication

When submitting to us for PSA Autograph Authentication you  first need to go to the PSA website and find the retail fee based on the signer you want authenticated. Once you know this fee you will go to our PSA Authentication page and add the items to the cart.

Submission Steps

  1. Go to the PSA website by clicking HERE.
  2. Click the Check Price link under Submission Price.
  3.  Enter the Last Name of the signer and then click search
  4. If the item has multiple autographs on a single item you enter the Primary Signers Last Name and check the Multi-Signed item Box and enter the total amount of signers.
  5. Once you click search you will be given a list of names that match the Last Name that was entered.
  6. The “Retail Fee” for the signer is listed to the right of the name.
  7. Now that you know the “Retail Fee” go to our PSA Authentication Page and use the that fee to see what the total would be using us. Please remember if you want your items Encapsulted the total cost is the Authentication Fee + the Encapsulation fee (which is based on size – you will need to measure the items size).
  8. If the item you want authenticated doesn’t have a name on it – you will need to Label the item using a post-it note saying the name of the signer. **Without this your item will not be able to be authenticated**

We provide FREE Cardsavers, for Regular Trading Card sizes. Every item for Authentication must be in a hard case of it’s own (you can’t put 2 or more in a single case) if do not send them in their own case we will need to charge you for our holders. 

Small or Large Ticket Case – $2.00
T3 Sized Case – $2.00
Jumbo Sized Case – $3.00

What NOT to do:

Use Team Bags for every item
Send items in only Penny Sleeves
Send items in cases without Penny Sleeves
Not labeling items which dont have a name on the item
Tape the top of the toploaders with ANY kind of tape.