PSA/DNA Autograph Authentication & Encapsulation


Check Player Here then scroll down and click on (Step 2) Submission Price, you will then type in the last name of the player(s). Once you find the PSA authentication price you can match them up with the dropdown options on this page. If you have a piece signed by Multiple signers make sure to check the “Multi-Signed Item Box”. If you have signers with different prices just add them to your cart separately.

Encapsulate your prized autographs in one of PSA’s holders versus opting for the traditional Letter of Authenticity (LOA) or Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

Upon completion of your order at PSA we will contact you to pay for your return shipping. You will choose the carrier and insurance options for your items on our shipping page.

If you want your item Encapsulated (hard plastic case similar to a graded card) pick the size which represents your item below

Do you want your Autograph Graded? If so choose the price below that matches the Original Authentication fee from Above. If you don’t want your Autograph Graded then do not chose anything.

Is your item worth over $1,000? If so, choose the correct fee based off the value of the item. Remember PSA can put a higher value on your item and charge more.

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